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Beaded bead tutorial: How to cover a wooden bead with Peyote Stitch 1/2 | Beading Tutorial

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http://www.sararmoniasara.com .____. http://www.beadsfriends.comFacebook ------°°°° http://www.facebook.com/BeadsFriendsTo contact me, send an email to sara@beadsfriends.comHello everybody! In this video I want to show you a pattern that I have created to make a beaded bead. You need a wooden bead size 12 as a base, and Seed Beads size 15/0 in 5 different colours. The technique I'm going to use is Peyote stitch. I hope the tutorial is understandable, see you soon!Sara.

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Автор: BeadsFriends
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